Energy management | MID | power quality monitoring | RCM monitoring

The energy measurement device UMG 96-PA combines four functions in one device and can be modularly expanded by two analogue inputs – selectively as 0-20 mA analogue inputs (e.g. DC measurement) or as RCM measuring inputs with detection of cable breaks and additional temperature measurement.

Main features

  • Energy management system

    • Continuous energy monitoring
    • Identification of potential savings
    • Reduction of energy costs
    • Fulfilment of control & regulatory requirements
  • MID-compliant measurement

    • Certified and tamper-proof MID measurement
    • Legally secure accounting & energy acquisition
    • Fulfilment of legal requirements
  • Power quality

    • Secure, highly available power supply
    • Avoidance of production stoppages
    • Maximisation of operating times/preventative maintenance
    • Prevention of product quality defects
  • Residual current monitoring (RCM)

    • Continuous residual current monitoring
    • Support for fire protection and personnel protection
    • Effort reduction with the DGUV V3 tests
    • Increased system availability